Non-Electric Water Distillers

By R. Maxine Lundquist

Product: Waterwise 1600 Non-electric Water Distillerwaterwise water filter

Ranking (out of 10)4

Price: $387.00

Where You Can Buy It: for Bigfly Sports


  • Distills 3.2 quarts in 1.2 hours; up to 16 gallons (60 liters) in 24 hours
  • Manufacturer’s limited 2-year warranty
  • Count-down digital timer

Pros: Good for remote places like cabins or camping areas where a heat source is available. Doesn’t need electricity to distill water.

Cons: Poorly constructed and interior seems to be of a metal that is not stainless steel. Does not come with water-storage container.

Who It Is For: Campers, Survivalists, Emergency/Disaster Relief

Final Words on the Subject: Although many are happy with this product an equal number are not. Complaints range from poor construction to a funny taste in the distilled water. The idea is fantastic; but with a price tag of over 300 bucks it’s not worth sending for to find out for yourself.


Product: Survival Still Non-Electric Water Purifier/Distillersurvival still

Ranking (out of 10)8

Price: $280.00

Where You Can Buy It:


  • Built with 304 grade,  18-gauge stainless steel
  • Produces approx. 1/2 gallon (2.25 liters) distilled water every hour
  • Lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship

Pros: Designed to be used in conjunction with standard cooking pots you already own. Distills all kinds of water including stagnant water, pond water, and ocean water. Doesn’t need filters and is small and compact.survival still clipart

Cons: Some loss of steam at contact points of pots and unit. Averages less than amount of water specified–more like 1 liter every hour

Who It Is For: Campers, Survivalists, Off-the grid home owners, Emergency/Disaster relief

Final Words on the Subject: A well-made product, good for emergencies and times when no pure water is available. Although the product requires monitoring it is worth the money, long-lasting and easy to pack for camping or travel.



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