EVERYONE, whether they know it or not, has had at some stage, experience with camping. Maybe the last time you added to that experience was when you were eight and created that tent with your bedsheets and the kitchen table, but it’s there in your life resumé nevertheless.

Camping is just day-to-day living stripped down to it’s most basic level. It is shelter, water, heat, food, first aid and entertainment. But what makes camping addictive, or at the very least enjoyable, is how you deal with each thing. And no matter how skilled a camper you become, there is always something new to try in each of those areas.

That’s why I created this site–so that there is a place where everyone who is interested in camping can visit and learn about the new stuff they haven’t tried yet. Maybe it’s a new tent. Or perhaps you want to know a really great knot to tie in your rope when putting up tarps. You may even be really, really tired of eating canned beans and want to know easy recipes or menus for yourself or the crowd that’s going to show up. Whatever it is, I’m hoping you’ll find something new here to try. And hey–if you have a great idea, feel free to share in the comment section below, or email me. You’ll be benefiting all like-minded outdoor people that visit here. Thanks for dropping by! email: max@campingandhikingideas.com Share on Facebook

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18 thoughts on “Home”

  1. There is a lot of information for hikers on this Webpage. I see I still need to learn a lot more to be able to build a website like this.

    Nice job. Thank you

  2. I haven’t been camping for ages. I’ve bookmarked your site because this has great info :D.
    Thanks for creating this.

  3. Camping is a great way to unplug for a while, which is a great thing to have. Plus, there’s so much fun to b had when you’r not glued to a TV or video games.

  4. Your website is extremely well organized! Above that, you have some really valuable information that I will definitely recall the next time I decide to go camping! Thank You!

  5. You are right! I last time I camped I was 9 or so and it was in the living room with my siblings. We made a camp out of our mom’s sheets lol. It was lots of fun and I’ve always wanted to try the ‘real camping’. I will keep an eye out on you site and maybe it will motivate me a little. All the best


  6. When I read your home page I was captivated and just wanted to read more. I am not a hiker but I really enjoyed the information that you have provided. You even include how to make play dough for the kids. How great is that? Awesome site!

  7. Really good and well presented website. plenty of useful information for campers. I particularly like your information on survival as it is a long term interest of mine. Great job.

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